Mattie Fresno and the Holoflux Universe

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Mattie Fresno endures an uneventful life, until her grandfather — Nobel physicist, Raff Buddemeyer, leaves a videotaped will. Death, according to his unorthodox theory, is no barrier to their relationship and he promises to “always be there”. The message triggers a series of hallucinations that quickly disrupts Mattie’s world. At the family-owned PR firm, she becomes involved in a bizarre plot to save the reputation of the firm’s top client, Phoebe Lynn — talk show host and exploiter of third world labor. Mattie lands in jail for murder conspiracy, when Phoebe Lynn is assassinated in revenge for a horrific industrial accident. In her cell, Mattie discovers an unexpected solution to her problems — according to her grandfather — her freedom awaits in the holoflux universe.

West New York

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West New York Cover

An ex-cop supervises the destruction of corporate bonds redeemed by a New Jersey bank. He plans to steal small amounts of the paper from each shipment without raising suspicion and have a small- time fence from his old neighborhood find a buyer for the stolen bonds. The local mob boss, angry because he is not cut in on the deal, has the 'fence' brutally murdered. He orders his hitman to eliminate the out-of-town buyers and find the 'inside' man. Tom is abducted by the buyers and persuaded to pull off a large scale theft of bonds. He asks help from another ex-cop, his former rookie partner. Tom is killed in a botched exchange and Jimmy and Tom's daughter, Diane, agree to complete the deal and get the men responsible for Tom's death.